Zack Snyder Almost Changed Wonder Woman’s Origin in Batman V Superman

The DC Extended Universe's Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) might have joined the ranks of men about a hundred or so years before the events of Batman v Superman, however, it seems like Zack Snyder actually wanted Diana Prince to appear a lot earlier than 1918.

Taking to Vero last weekend (via Cinema Blend), Snyder shared a live commentary of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice- The Ultimate Edition. During his live commentary, the director mentioned a few of his original ideas for Wonder Woman's introduction into the DCEU.

According to the filmmaker, he and his team considered the idea of having Diana participate in the American Civil War or the Crimean War instead of World War I.

"Before we inserted this into the film, I'd shot a placeholder," the director explained, "When we shot BvS, we hadn't really finished the concept for Wonder Woman yet… Steve Berkman, who'd shot the image of Wonder Woman from World War I, we had shot that previous with an image from the Crimean War. Originally it had been the Crimean War because it was one of the early cons lists where photography was used, and I wanted to get the longest stretch possible. I think we originally talked about it even being the Civil War as a possibility. Just in our early conversations, we were like ‘What would really show the distance?'"

Knowing how the Crimean War ran from 1853 to 1856 and how the Civil War was waged from 1861 to 1865, these two choices would have emphasized Wonder Woman's agelessness.

However, it seems like Snyder and his team decided to settle on World War I probably because it was a major war, in fact, the "war to end all wars." In the end, World War I was a good choice, because it introduced Wonder Woman to the world, not just to the problems of the US.

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