Zachary Levi Talks About Having Starred in Both Marvel and DC Films

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Everyone is waiting for Zachary Levi's DC debut with Shazam! but a lot of people remember that he's one of those few actors who has been on both sides of the Marvel and DC camp. During a recent interview, Levi talks about moving over from Marvel and becoming a franchise lead for DC.

"I had an amazing time working over in that other universe, and I'm really grateful that they saw it in me to include me in that universe but they also saw fit to, you know, kill me in that universe, so I'm really really grateful that DC said, ‘That's OUR guy. We want him to be a franchise-leading actor.'"


Just in case you didn't know, Levi took on the role of Fandral in Thor: The Dark World, but he was unceremoniously taken out in the sequel Ragnarok. While some people say that Fandral was actually a pretty forgettable character (along with the rest of the warriors), I thought that Marvel wasted an opportunity to have all the warriors come together and die in a blaze of glory against Hela.

Either way, I think Levi will do amazing in Shazam! when it comes out. The trailers have been amazing, and it's great to see a superhero that was supposed to be funny from the get-go. I mean, Aquaman was nice and all, but they clearly did some huge character overhaul, making him funnier than he was meant to be. What happened to that beast that we saw in the first SDCC Justice League trailer?

For now, we wait for Shazam! to come out April 5.

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