Zachary Levi Gets Honest About Shazam 2's Disappointing Box Office

Shazam! Fury of the Gods ended up having a disappointing box office on its opening weekend as it had a significant drop from the first film and it is lower than most comic book movies that have been released since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

It also doesn't help that the film's critical reception was mixed and the titular character's future also remains uncertain due to the incoming changes that are happening in the new DCU franchise. There is no doubt that this is the kind of result that the studio, cast, and crew were not hoping for leading up to the release.

Now, Zachary Levi, who plays Shazam, shared his reaction to the film's disappointing opening weekend box office on Twitter by responding to a fan who theorized that a lot of Zack Snyder's fans wanted the sequel to fail due to the changes that happened in the DC franchise ever since his departure.

The actor agreed with the fan's theory regarding the Snyder fans and he also blamed the film's marketing campaign for not attracting the family audience to check out the movie as he believes that it could have appealed to them.

"This is also true. Sad, but true. How much that actually affects the box office is anyone’s guess. But I think the biggest issue we’re having is marketing. This is a perfect family movie, and yet a lot of families aren’t aware of that. Which is just a shame," he tweeted.

You can tell from Levi's words that he was really disappointed with the sequel's box office results. While we don't know the insider happenings prior to the release, it looks like it is an indication that the actor wasn't really satisfied with how the film was being marketed and wished that they have done more.

It is clear now that the film won't be able to reach the first film's box office and, unfortunately, it is also very likely that it won't breakeven in its overall run since the film still has not surpassed the production budget, even if you count the international grosses.

It would be interesting to see whether the results will have repercussions on the character's future in the new DCU under James Gunn and Peter Safran. If we can guess right now based on the numbers, the outcome doesn't look promising.

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Shazam! Fury of the Gods is currently showing in theaters. You can check more details about it here.

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