Zachary Levi Gives Us Our First Look At Shazam Costume

Last week, director David F. Sandberg finally called it a wrap on one of the DC Extended Universe's highly anticipated standalone films, Shazam!

Though the film still has a few months of post-production, excitement over the film is definitely building up, and now fans have their first official look at Zachary Levin in his costume as DC's Captain Thunder.

Taking to Instagram, Levi decided to post a picture of himself standing right next to a marquee of Shazam in his classic suit casually drinking on a large soda just like a child would.

"This! This is what dreams are made of," the actor wrote on his post. "Complete and total wish fulfilment, plus a beverage! All the squees. #LicensingShowLasVegas #SHAZAMmovie #Firstlook?"

Though this doesn't look like the official costume reveal, it does look pretty good. Levi's got the childlike spirit and nobleness of Shazam down pat.

A few months ago, Sandberg teased fans saying that Warner Bros. was planning to go public with an official costume reveal for Shazam. Unfortunately, the plans changed after photos were leaked from the set giving fans a lot of time to scrutinize and go over Shazam's costume. Still, it wouldn't hurt to get an official photo, would it? Wonder what Warner Bros. has planned for the promotional run of Shazam!.

Shazam! Hits cinemas April 5, 2019.

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