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Yu Yu Hakusho OVA Gets Gorgeous New Stills

Yu Yu Hakusho may have had an abrupt anime life but it sure left an impact, influencing anime all over and proving that shonen can be entertaining and challenging when done right. Though many are still not pleased with the ending, most will agree that the journey was a great one and it was one hell of a ride while it lasted. Thankfully, we're getting a new OVA based on the series and new stills from it have been released.

Shared by fans online, these stills give us a great look at the upcoming special fans can't wait to see since there hasn't been new Yu Yu Hakusho animation in the longest time. We probably won't get Yu Yu Hakusho Super or anything similar anytime soon so this is a decent enough way to please the fans.

Fans weary of spoilers need not worry, as the images barely give context on what is happening in the OVA. Big spoilers will come once the OVA is released but until then, fans can speculate on what to expect from this special.

Due to its age, this is the first time we will be seeing the cast of Yu Yu Hakusho with an updated animation style. While the old series is far from bad-looking, there's no doubt that the shinier aesthetic is one reason why fans are eager to check this out. We can only hope that this leads to more Yu Yu Hakusho animation but we'll have to wait.

Currently, Yu Yu Hakusho is slated to release its special two-part anime OVA this week. Japan will get the episodes on shelves starting October 26 when the anime releases its latest 25th-anniversary box set.

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