'Your Name' Anime Film is Getting Academy Award Consideration

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The fantasy anime film Your Name is being considered for this years Academy Awards, Comic Book reports. The Japanese film will compete with other films to win one of the five nomination spots for the 89th Academy Awards. It's qualifying run for the list starts in Los Angeles on December 7th and ends on December 8th at Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills.

Your Name tells the story of two high schoolers who find they have suddenly switched bodies. While dealing with this phenomenon, they slowly fall in love. But a lot of obstacles and weirdness placed in their way make this a pretty star-crossed romance.

Your Name was the highest grossing film in Japan this year and the seventh highest grossing film in Japan of all time. It has earned over $170 million in the box office so far. These are record high earnings for an anime film Studio Ghibli isn't involved with in Japan.

Funimation has licensed the film and it will be released in American and Canadian theatres in 2017. Funimation Founder and CEO Gen Fukunawa said this about the honor: "We're thrilled to have Your Name on the list of contenders for a Best Animated Feature nomination. It is a masterpiece of animation from director Makoto Shinkai and is definitely worthy of Oscar consideration. We look forward to releasing it in theaters in 2017."

Your Name definitely sounds like it's worth a watch and I'm looking forward to watching it when it comes to Western theatres. What about you? Will you be going to see Your Name?

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