Your Lie in April Creator Announces New Manga Atwight Game

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Atwight Game Your lie in April Kaori Kosei

You might want to get your tissues ready as Your Lie in April creator Naoshi Arakawa is now working on a new manga series entitled Atwight Game.

Recently, Arakawa revealed via his personal Twitter account that he is working on a new manga series that’s entitled Atwight Game (which might not be its official English title), and it will get a preview next week.

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In case you’re unfamiliar, Arakawa is a manga artist who is best known for writing and illustrating the romantic drama manga, Your Lie in April.

Aside from this, Arakawa also wrote other manga, including Farewell, My Dear Cramer which was serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine from May 2016 to December 2020.

Though Your Lie in April is arguably his most popular work. It was also serialized in Monthly Shonen Magazine, but it preceded Cramer as it ran from April 2011 to February 2015.

If you haven’t read it yet, the series is known for being a major tear-jerker. Its story follows Kosei Arima, a fourteen-year-old piano prodigy who becomes famous after winning several competitions. But he stops playing piano after his mother’s death.

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Kosei suffers from a mental breakdown after his mother’s passing, and it affects him enough that he is unable to hear his piano.

Two years after, Kosei continues to avoid playing the piano, until he meets Kaori Miyazono.

Kaori is a fourteen-year-old violinist who helps lift Kosei’s spirits, and soon, he starts playing the piano again, this time as Kaori’s accompanist.

Arakawa’s manga soon got an anime series adaptation by A-1 Pictures that ran for 22 episodes from October 2014 to March 2015.

It also received a live-action film adaptation which was released in September 2016.

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In his announcement of Atwight Game, the Your Lie in April creator shared a picture of the protagonist. But aside from this, there was no other info revealed regarding the upcoming manga’s premise.

What we do know is that the first preview for the series will be released in the next Weekly Shonen Magazine issue which is set to come out on September 21, 2022.

As the preview will be shown in Weekly Shonen Magazine, there’s a chance that the manga will be serialized in the same magazine.

But it’s also possible that it will be serialized in the Monthly version given that his previous two works had monthly release schedules.

More information on its serialization should be announced when the preview is released next week.


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