Yoshida Trends Online After Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 Release

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 denji
Credit: Tatsuki Fujimoto / Shueisha / Viz Media

After taking a one-week break following the action-packed and extra-long 102nd chapter, Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 is finally out, and it saw Yoshida trend online shortly after its release.

On Twitter, the Yoshida tag trended with thousands of Tweets hours after the latest chapter’s release on Jump+ and Manga Plus.

This is because Yoshida finally made a return and played a big part in the latest chapter’s events alongside the protagonist, Denji.

Spoiler Alert: There are Chainsaw Man Chapter 103 spoilers in this article.

While Yoshida appeared in earlier chapters of Part 2, this time, he plays a much bigger role as he directly confronts Denji and tells him to not reveal to anyone his identity as Chainsaw Man.

Yoshida trending online shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as he has been a fan favorite ever since he first appeared in Part 1. This is despite how his previous appearances are quite short.

Now, it seems he will play a bigger role in the upcoming events, at least that’s what fans are hoping for.

Aside from Yoshida, Denji’s appearance also made a splash online. While he finally came back in Chapter 102, he did so in his Chainsaw Man form. In this chapter, Denji is finally back to his old self.

Some fans have noted something different about Denji. Even though his actions and words are what you would expect, it seems that there’s still something wrong with him underneath the surface.

This observation was shared by fans on Twitter and echoes in Reddit discussions, with some fans even being disappointed by Denji’s seeming regression or lack of growth.

Though some fans believe that Denji is just putting up a front and that his actual personality might be a bit different.

Chainsaw Man is a manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto that serializes in Shonen Jump+. The first part of the manga was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2018 to December 2020.

Fujimoto’s series is arguably one of today’s most popular manga, enough that its return with Chapter 98 got over 3 million views in under 24 hours. It is also popular enough that it is getting an anime series adaptation by MAPPA.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 104 is set to release on September 13, 2022.

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