Yoon Chan Young Net Worth: How Much Did The Rising Star Earn After All Of Us Are Dead?

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Credit: Netflix Asia / YouTube screenshot

Yoon Chan Young might be in the industry for quite some time, but he gained global fame after joining the All of Us Are Dead cast.

The 21-year-old actor is considered one of Hallyu's rising stars after receiving overwhelming praise for his role as Lee Cheong San in the Netflix series.

In addition, the viewers witnessed his on-screen chemistry with Park Ji Hoo, who played the third-year Hyosan High school student Nam On Jo.

While All of Us Are Dead might be the K-drama that put his name on the map, Yoon Chan Young made his debut in 2013 and started as a teen actor.

He played the younger version of Yeon Woo Jin in the melodrama When A Man's in Love.

In the same year, he portrayed young Ka Ha Neul for the series Monstar.

From then on, Yoon Chan Young appeared as the teenage version of lead stars and supporting roles.

Interestingly it was the 2018 film Mothers with Im Soo Jung where he showcased his emotion and maturity as an actor.

While he was starting to earn in the industry, Yoon Chan Young's net worth at the time was around $50,000 to $90,000, as cited by an outlet.

With the huge craze and success of Netflix's All of Us Are Dead, did it make a significant change in his wealth?

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Yoon Chan Young Net Worth 2022: Did He Earn Millions After All of Us Are Dead?

As noted by popularnetworth.com, Yoon Chan Young's net worth is estimated at $1 million based on the 2022 data.

His income primarily comes from his acting career; he has also scored endorsement deals, thanks to the popularity of All of Us Are Dead.

At the height of Netflix's K-zombie series, he was hailed the first Korean ambassador for the luxury brand Coach.

Yoon Chan Young's Instagram also featured his campaign shoot for the brand with a series of stunning photos donning their latest collection.

Yoon Chan Young After All of Us Are Dead

The cast members were busy gracing various fashion magazines and doing interviews as the All of Us Are Dead craze continues globally; Yoon Chan Young headlines another K-drama.

Released on March 25 via Seezn, Hope or Dope is the actor's follow-up project after the Netflix series.

He is joined by D.P actress Won Ji An, Yoon Hyun Soo from Racket Boys and more. Interestingly Yoon Chan Young and the rest of the cast will be back as Hope or Dope will have season 2.

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