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Ylona Garcia Reveals How She Ended Up Collaborating With VALORANT

Filipino-Australian singer Ylona Garcia recently collaborated with Riot Games to have her song featured in a VALORANT trailer featuring the game's latest playable agent, Neon. The catchy upbeat song, which is titled Entertain Me, is perfect for the first-ever Filipina agent in VALORANT, who was designed by a Filipino and voiced by a Filipina voice actress, and to celebrate the release of the new agent, Riot released the music video on January 5. Now, the 19-year-old star has shared how the collaboration with Riot Games started.

Ylona Garcia VALORANT
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Credit: Riot Games / Ylong Garcia - Instagram
Ylona Garcia VALORANT

Garcia, who recently released the official music video for her single, revealed to ABS-CBN News and other media representatives on Thursday how her new single was made and how she felt when she received the offer from Riot Games, the developer of VALORANT and other popular games like League of Legends.

“During lockdown, I flew from the Philippines to Australia in June 2020 to be with my family. I think I left to go here in the US about August 2021," Garcia said. "During my stay in Australia, I went to the studio on February 10. I created the song Entertain Me with really cool people from Sony, they are called DNA. I think we created that song in less than two hours,” she recalled.

“After creating that song, we were planning to have that song as part of the album. Fast forward to after the Head in the Clouds III festival, 88Rising came to me with an offer from VALORANT because they really liked the song Entertain Me. The offer was basically if I would be down to have my song as the song that introduces the latest agent Neon. I was like, ‘Absolutely, let’s go.’”

Garcia said that the anthem is about female empowerment, which fits Neon's character well.

Entertain Me is basically about being aware of the situation, knowing exactly what you want to do with it and being 100% with it, with how you feel, being confident about it and moving forward the way you want to,” she explained.

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You can watch the Spark - Neon Agent Trailer featuring Ylona Garcia's Entertain Me here:

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