Yes, Freya Allan Did All of Her Own Ciri Screaming in The Witcher

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While The Witcher Netflix series still has the story that fans have come to know and love from Andrzej Sapkowski's novels, one apparent change is seen with Freya Allan's Cirilla. The first season gave us a glimpse of her powerful sonic scream, and as it turns out, the actress has done all of that screaming while filming every time.


This article contains SPOILERS for Netflix's The Witcher.

"Oh, I did it all. All the screaming was mine," Allan revealed to Comic Book. "Like, I remember on set, the very first time I did the scream, we did a rehearsal, and the director came over and said ‘Oh, we should have done a take.'"

The actress admits she doesn't know how exactly it came to be, but a lot of the roles she has gotten would somehow get her characters to do "these huge screams," which is why she eventually became "kind of a pro" in that.

"Everyone always says that I do a really kind of, a quite piercing one, so yeah, it was all mine," she added. Freya also mentioned that her throat gets "very, very sore" by the end of their shoot, but she still finds filming those scenes "kind of fun" as well.

Ciri's full abilities are yet to be discovered, but in the pilot episode of The Witcher, fans saw her screamed in protest when she refused to leave her grandmother, which caused the glasses on the table to shake.

This is only a glimpse of her powers since showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich revealed that she wanted to build that story early on in the show. She says she wants to build suspense instead of making Princess Cirilla's abilities a surprise later on in the story.

The Witcher's first season is now available to stream on Netflix.

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