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Yellowstone Season 5 Spoilers, News & Update: Sarah Atwood's Attack on the Duttons is Near, Warns Dawn Olivieri

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Sarah Atwood has been painstakingly planning her attack in the last few episodes of Yellowstone Season 5. Rather than directly targeting the Duttons, Sarah is subtly sinking her hooks into Jamie Dutton. She even persuades Jamie to replace John Dutton as governor.

Sarah Atwood Steps Up Her Game in Yellowstone Season 5

Sarah Atwood is played by Dawn Olivieri in Yellowstone Season 5. Sarah receives a call from Market Equities CEO Caroline Werner following John's election as governor. Caroline vowed to destroy the Duttons in the previous season, and Sarah is her best weapon.

Jamie is instantly recognized by Sarah as a potential major weakness in the family. The two start a sexual relationship when Jamie accepts their invitation to supper. In the meantime, Beth Dutton takes Sarah's identification and discovers that she is using a false name.

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Dawn Olivieri Warns Sarah Atwood's Next Move is Coming

Although Sarah is undoubtedly a cunning and formidable force, she hasn't communicated with the Duttons other than Jamie in recent episodes. Fans are reassured by Olivieri that she will soon be pursuing Beth and John.

Olivieri is aware that Sarah's recent episodes haven't been very action-packed for her character, despite the fact that she is obviously plotting.

"It's a slow burn, is what I call it," she told TVLine. "Every week, I'm like, 'OK, Sarah, can you do the thing you came to do?' I'm over here like, 'Let's get on with it!' But we're watching her place all of her pieces on the board."

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Psychological Blows

Meanwhile, Yellowstone has hinted at the ultimate confrontation between Beth and Sarah. This conflict, according to Olivieri, will take place "pretty soon."

Beth butted heads with Summer Higgins in Yellowstone Season 5, but her fight with Sarah will be a war of the brains.

Their fight "will be more psychological, just because Sarah is that. She doesn't need to fight," Olivieri told TVLine. "An inability to communicate is what defines using your body to hit one another."

"Sarah has [a different] arsenal of attack — and so does Beth, if she's challenged to use it," she continued. "It's just that she tends to cater to the animal [within her] more than she caters to the mind. That's why Sarah is going to be such a powerful opponent."

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New episodes of Yellowstone Season 5 air Sunday nights on Paramount Network.

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