Yellowstone Season 5 News & Update: Wes Bentley Hints at Potential Kevin Costner Exit

Credit: Yellowstone/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Yellowstone/YouTube Screenshot

Kevin Costner's shooting schedule is reportedly making it difficult for the show to keep John Dutton as the main character, which could spell the end of the Taylor Sheridan series in Yellowstone Season 5.

Wes Bentley has played Jamie Dutton on Yellowstone for the past four and a half seasons, and throughout the first half of the series, he appeared to be battling for his father, John. As the show has progressed, the two have continued to quarrel, and the majority of the show's run has been a tug-of-war between them. Yet, this conflict may be resolved if Costner decides to leave the series.

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Yellowstone Season 5: Is Kevin Costner Leaving?

According to a report, Costner intended to reduce his shooting time. This indicates that Sheridan considered cancelling Yellowstone after Season 5 and focusing on a new series starring Matthew McConaughey instead. That has left us with numerous doubts about the future of the show, such as what will happen to the other members of the Dutton family.

While presenting the show at the SCAD TVFest, Bentley was asked what would happen if John died in the forthcoming season and how that would affect Jamie. Surprisingly, Bentley has evidently already considered this, so it's not exactly a novel concept for him.

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"I thought about this in Season 1," Bentley told TV Line, "because it's always a possibility in TV, right? We're always ready to die… [And John] really has got this hypnotic pull on Jamie."

As the series now stands, Jamie and his sister Beth (Kelly Reilly) both wish to harm each other. This is where Yellowstone Season 5 ended, with the second half of the season scheduled to run this summer. The two are out for blood, so it would not be shocking if they ended up killing each other.

A Surprising But Expected Turn

Considering the reports about Costner and where John's story is going, if John got caught in the crossfire during their argument, that would make a lot of sense for both of those characters and feed their remorse for the future, as their wrath has frequently caused their family's suffering.

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All of this is guesswork, though, because we do not know what will transpire with Kevin Costner, Yellowstone, or John. Yet, it appears that Bentley has considered the ramifications of John's death for Jamie.

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