Ya Boy Kongming OP Gets an Official Music Video from QUEENDOM

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eiko tsukimi of ya boy kongming

The Spring 2022 anime season featured big shows Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Season 3 and Spy x Family. Though the unassuming Ya Boy Kongming! proved to be one of the season’s biggest hits thanks in large part to its catchy opening. Its popularity was so big that official Ya Boy Kongming! OP music videos released.

One of the music videos is a live-action MV by the group, QUEENDOM. The other is a special MV featuring scenes from the anime.

Ya Boy Kongming! Live-Action Music Video

queendom music video
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The song’s popularity prompted fans online to ask for an official music video from QUEENDOM. Finally, the fans’ request was answered as record label avex released a music video featuring the musical unit.


This music video features bright visuals and a retro aesthetic. It also sees the five members of the group performing the song’s official choreography.

QUEENDOM is a special musical unit formed specifically for Ya Boy Kongming! The group features hibiki and moca from lol, Maria Kaneya from GENIC, and Akina and Taki from FAKY.

Officially entitled “Chikichikibanban” in Japanese, the anime’s opening song is a cover of "Ciki Ciki Bam Bam," a song released in 2013 by Hungarian singer, Jolly-Bulikirály.

Not only has the popularity of “Chikichikibanban” increased interest in the anime, but the song itself also became a trend on YouTube and TikTok, with fans releasing their dance and song covers. The label avex even released an official dance guide for fans.

Ya Boy Kongming! Anime Music Video

Eiko Tsukimi from Ya Boy Kongming!
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Eiko Tsukimi from Ya Boy Kongming!

Before the release of the official QUEENDOM music video, avex also released a special music video for the song. Instead of being a simple upload of the Ya Boy Kongming! OP from the anime series, the MV features various scenes from the anime.

Ya Boy Kongming! is an anime series by P.A. Works that’s based on the manga of the same name by Yuto Yotsuba. The manga is currently serialized in Weekly Young Magazine.

The manga’s story follows the famous military strategist Zhuge Liang Kongming who is reborn in modern Japan. His second life sees him appear in the middle of a Halloween costume party in Shibuya, and there, he meets an aspiring singer named Eiko Tsukumi.