XO, Kitty: Who Is Kitty’s Lost Brother?

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for XO, Kitty, so read at your own risk!

XO, Kitty may have started off with Kitty wanting to be together with her Korean boyfriend, Dae, in Seoul and in KISS, in particular, however, another reason comes from the fact she knows little about her late mother, Eve Song.

Little did Kitty know, there was more to KISS than she let herself on. As it turns out, she had a half-sibling she didn’t know about running in the very school she got accepted in. So, who is Kitty’s long lost brother? Read on to find out!

XO, Kitty: How Did Kitty Find Out She Had A Lost Brother?

Kitty Q in Netflix's XO, Kitty
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Credit: Netflix
Kitty finds out she has a lost sibling in XO, Kitty

As seen in XO, Kitty Episode 1, while rummaging through her mom’s old things in the attic, she found a scrapbook or an album of her mother’s best memories in her youth.

Inside the scrapbook was proof of Kitty’s mom wearing the KISS school uniform, as well as her old uniform being dug out in the chest, as well.

This is one of the main driving points of Kitty to transfer schools, aside from surprising her boyfriend.

In Episode 3, Kitty was supposedly moving out and moving back to Portland where she came from.

After the little scandalous secret she found out about Dae cheating behind her back, this called for a sign of what could make her stay in Seoul aside from her ex-boyfriend.

As Kitty was taking pictures as part of the ‘Covey tradition’ for her mom, one thing she kept close was her late mother’s scrapbook of memories.

And from the scrapbook, out fell a pink baby bracelet, where the Korean name of Kitty’s mom, Eve Song, was written in hangul.

The strap even had an indication of when it was admitted: August 12, 1993.

As soon as Kitty realized her mother had possibly given birth in Korea, she tried to find the next step in figuring out who her potential half-sibling is.

Kitty finds the very hospital her mother allegedly gave birth at, which she found during one of the class activities where they had to take a hike.

One of the most notable things you could notice in the episode was how uncanny the birthdate, gender, and adoption location were hugely familiar.

If you can remember, the new professor at KISS, Alex Finnerty (Peter Thurnwald) from Melbourne, Australia, has almost the exact same description.

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XO, Kitty: Is Alex Finnerty The Lost Brother of Kitty?

Alex Finnerty explaining he just wants to connect with his biological parents in XO, Kitty
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Credit: Netflix
Alex Finnerty explaining he just wants to connect with his biological parents in XO, Kitty

In XO, Kitty Episode 4, Kitty tried looking for clues as to who her long lost sibling might be.

The first one she told was Alex Finnerty, who, while on their way to get something to eat, admitted he was adopted, seeing as Kitty was feeling insecure about her skills in the Korean language.

Eventually, it started becoming a bit more obvious to the viewers, considering that Kitty started blabbing on how she thinks she could find the lost Covey sibling.

“Do you ever see people on the street and think, like, ‘Oh my gosh, that person has the same shaped ears as me, maybe they’re my mom,’ or ‘They could be my dad,’ or ‘We could have the same shaped ears’? We kind of do. Huh.”

But before Kitty could learn when Alex’s birthday is, he had to go, leaving us on a cliffhanger.

It was only in Episode 5, when Kitty hosted her very own and first Chuseok for the school, that we learn Alex only went to KISS just to get close to his biological father, Professor Lee (Michael K. Lee).

XO, Kitty: Why Was He Adopted?

Alex Finnerty in Netflix's XO, Kitty
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Credit: Netflix

As it turns out, Alex was never the long lost brother of Kitty.

The Covey family never had a lost sibling, it was Jina Lim’s son.

When the KISS principal managed to run into Alex on the street while she was on her morning exercise, Alex confronted her, fully admitting he knows she is his biological mother.

This gave Jina Lim to reflect on a time she had long buried in her past: having a child at sixteen years old.

She had actually used her friend’s name, Eve Song, to put down on record at the hospital, just so the scandal wouldn’t break her reputation back then. So Alex is her son.

As soon as they parted ways, Jina told her husband about wanting to reunite and let her son get to know her as he wished.

But of course, her husband wasn’t on board with the whole idea, thinking how scandalous it would be for the reputation of their family to have such past attachments.

So, Alex’s proposition to get closer to his biological mother was hanging in the air, left up to Jina to decide how she’ll handle it on her own.

Well, thankfully, Jina went straight to her daughter, Yuri, to tell the truth, that Alex is her long lost brother.

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XO, Kitty: Did He Find His True Parents In The Season Finale?

Alex Finnerty in Netflix
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Credit: Netflix

One of the reasons Yuri decided to run away from her parents’ house was because her parents refused to let her meet her half-brother.

By Episode 9, Jina broke down at the thought of reuniting her children once and for all.

As soon as she saw them together, she was right there beside them, taking both of their hands as they walked out, with Professor Lee following behind to confess they had a child together.

At the end of Episode 10, Yuri’s mother finally decided they should meet and get to know him. They’re family, after all.

Though XO, Kitty didn’t get to show the happy family joining together for the first time, the ending implies they did, considering Yuri’s mother promised her, too.

Now, all episodes of XO, Kitty are available to stream on Netflix!

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