XCOM 2 Trailer Shows a Lot of Alien Action & Gameplay

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XCOM 2 is finally out, and developer Firaxis Games has celebrated the launch with a quick trailer.

Here, fans can see some gameplay action, as well as a lot of fighting to take back the Earth from the alien threat.

Over at PlayStation Blog, Lead Producer Garth DeAngelis shared some behind-the-scenes glimpse during the development of the title. DeAngelis shared that the main struggle of the team was in knowing how much they should be influenced by the original game and how much they can go different with the new title.

"We wanted to put our own stamp on the series, but we had an obligation to deliver a true XCOM experience. Once we figured out the core of the XCOM experience, we felt comfortable adding in new ideas and modernizing game mechanics from the original."

Since fans have been positively receptive of both XCOM and XCOM Enemy Unknown, it became the drive to continue developing the series.

As far as trailer goes, we see a lot of alien races, as well as the defenders getting down to some serious shooting business. Exophase has also obtained the full list of trophies, and a lot of them detail a few missions that need to be accomplished.

For instance, among the necessary actions even for lower Bronze medals include the following:

> Make contact with a region
> Build Resistance Comms
> Upgrade a facility
> Sell goods worth 1000 supplies to the Black Market
> Recover the Blacksite Data
> Kill an Avatar
> Complete a successful ambush
> Sabotage an alien facility
> Cause an enemy to fall to its death

XCOM 2 is already out on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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