X-Men's Simon Kinberg Will Co-Write Boba Fett Movie

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Reports about James Mangold directing a Boba Fett movie has excited many Star Wars fans. The director gained a ton of acclaim for his work on Logan, which has to be the best X-Men film of all time, or, at the least, is up there with X-Men: Days of Future Past. It looks like Mangold won't be the only X-Men alumni, with reports claiming that Simon Kinberg will join him.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kinberg will be co-writing the film with Mangold. Kinberg has co-written or co-produced a number of the most recent X-Men films, including the acclaimed Days of Future Past and the mediocre Apocalypse. Reports say he will also co-produce the movie.

Currently, Kinberg is working on X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which is also his directorial debut. It's a bit odd seeing Kinberg involved in a Disney project since he has been mostly working on these Fox X-Men movies so this is an interesting case. Obviously, he's a bit hit and miss but since Mangold is involved, we can hope that Kinberg steps it up.


It will be interesting to see if Boba's image since the character has been the butt of many jokes thanks to (spoilers) how he was killed in Return of the Jedi. Granted, the extended universe/Legends line of stories have made him more credible but most audiences won't know that.

No release date for Boba Fett has been revealed.

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