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X-Men vs Fantastic 4 Epic Crossover Film Reportedly Discussed by Fox

There is little doubt that the possibilities for the X-Men and the Fantastic Four are endless now that both franchises belong to Disney. However, it has been revealed that Fox was planning an epic crossover film. Amazingly, it almost had the mutants facing off against Marvel's First Family.

The revelation comes from Paul Greengrass, who has previously worked on the Bourne films starring Matt Damon. When Greengrass was a guest on the Happy, Sad, Confusedpodcast, he admitted that he was in talks to helm the X-Men vs Fantastic Four crossover film.

"They did talk to me about it," Greengrass said. "I wouldn't say I was attached. [We] talked, and I thought about it, and in the end…"

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Credit: Fox

At this point, Greengrass trails off since we already know what happened. The plans didn't push through until Disney eventually acquired Fox and the project was somehow lost.

But what could have happened in the X-Men vs Fantastic Four crossover? Zack Stenz had previously confirmed that he was working on the screenplay with Ashley Edward Miller and that they would borrow the premise of Marvel's Civil War comic. In this case, the heroes would be split into two sides after Johnny Storm uses his Nova Blast to decimate Manhattan while trying to catch Molecule Man.

It's disappointing to know that the project didn't push through. On the other hand, there's still a chance this could happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe instead now that the Fantastic Four are getting their own movie. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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