X-Men: The Animated Series Gets An Honest Trailer That Praises How Awesome It Was

If you grew up in the '90's, you'd know that the X-Men animated series was one of the best shows to watch. With its unforgettable theme song, stellar cast of characters, exciting stories, and spectacular action, the show amazed us more than their live-action counterparts. I remember buying VHS tapes of a bunch of episodes from the yard sale, and I couldn't stop watching them. They're just a blast to watch.

Now, Screen Junkies is back with an Honest Trailer that praises how awesome the series was. They make a lot of funny remarks about Wolverine, Sentinels, Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Jubilee, and they point out its cliffhangers, Easter eggs, and character stereotypes. Watch one of the best Honest Trailers below: 


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