X-Men: Keke Palmer is Ready to Play Rogue in the MCU

Keke Palmer
Credit: Universal Pictures

Keke Palmer
Credit: Universal Pictures

Marvel Studios already laid out its plans for the next two phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will complete the Multiverse Saga. Obviously, no mention of the mutants' arrival has been made yet and considering how stacked the franchise is currently, it's safe to say that the long-awaited X-Men reboot is still a few years away from happening.

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Still, that hasn't stopped fans from coming up with their own dream castings for the project and most recently, the campaign for Keke Palmer to become the billion-dollar franchise's Rogue has gained traction online. Many believe that the actress and the beloved X-Men character share the same personality which makes Palmer a no-brainer choice for the part.

Speaking with ComicBook, the Nope star was asked whether or not she's already gotten that career-making call from Marvel Studios. The 29-year-old actress recently expressed her desire to play Rogue in the billion-dollar franchise but according to her, the studio has yet to reach out to her and even if they did, she'd be sworn to secrecy.

Palmer jokingly responded: "That's confidential, sugar. No, I'm kidding. I don't know. I just know that the fans, the way that the fans have me booked, honey, online, I got to do a gig every week. So if we're adding Marvel to it, hey, let's do it. I'm ready for Rogue."

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Of course, not everyone is sold on the idea of Keke becoming Rogue simply because the character is traditionally caucasian in various X-Men media. But considering how Marvel Studios has racially bent characters in the past, this one doesn't seem like an impossibility.

Details about Marvel Studios' X-Men reboot remain under wraps but it's expected to become part of Phase 7.

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