X-Men: Dark Phoenix Is The Biggest Box Office Bomb of 2019

It turns out X-Men: Dark Phoenix was a bigger flop than Cats.

According to a report by Deadline, the culminating film of 20th Century Fox's X-Men film franchise has just been declared the biggest box office bomb of 2019, beating out the ferociously-bashed Cats in the running. Sure, the film might have had a star-studded cast, but it turns out that Dark Phoenix lost $133 million at the box office.

Production expenses (which doesn't really include the expenses for marketing) for Dark Phoenix climbed up to over $200 million. While that might not seem that excessive given the production budget for major comic book movies, the film didn't really make any profit. Raking in $252 million at the worldwide box office, Dark Phoenix resulted in a net loss of $133 million.

The outcome of the film is definitely disappointing. There was a lot of excitement over Dark Phoenix. After all, the film was supposed to serve as the closing chapter of the entire X-Men film franchise. Fans wanted Dark Phoenix to go out with a bang. Instead, the film went out with a weak whimper.

There are many reasons why Dark Phoenix failed. The film's production had been troubled. There had been multiple reports of reshoots and changes to major scenes in the movie. The film was pushed back twice. Slated for a November release, Fox pushed back the movie to February of 2019 and then later to June.

Because of its confusing production, Dark Phoenix ended up becoming a weak film filled with half-baked ideas.

Did you enjoy the movie though? Let us know what you think of Dark Phoenix in the comment section down below.
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