Writer Teases Avengers: Endgame Will Result In Many 'Real' Irreversible Losses

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Fans know very well that not every character they followed in the last decade within the Marvel Cinematic Universe will make it after Avengers: Endgame. A new statement by writer Christopher Markus isn't easing their fear.

In an interview with Empire, he reveals that at this point in the ever-growing franchise, there will be some major losses that the MCU will not be able to come back from. Everything that will happen in the highly-anticipated film will reverberate throughout the universe.

"We are in different territory, possibly than anyone's ever been in before in terms of a movie series," Markus said. "The MCU continues to exist. Who happens to be in it is fluid and evolving things where, because it's all connected, you can't reboot one. All the parts have to work together. Things continue, but like life, losses are real, and change is real," he went on to say.


Based on what he said, it appears that whoever bites the dust (or turns into it) in Avengers: Endgame will remain that way. Sure, MCU has earned a reputation that characters who die have a way of coming back. However, this is no longer the case.

Some of the actors who have been with Marvel since the beginning will be leaving the franchise. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are heavily rumored to be among that lineup. There are recent reports that Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth may be on their way out as well.

It doesn't help that Marvel Studios is keeping much of its next slate of films under wraps. What's only sure at the moment is that Spider-Man isn't going anywhere. The Guardians having the third movie also suggest they will be back, although it is hard to predict which of them are going back.

It also looks like Black Widow is pretty safe considering she has a solo film coming. Black Panther is definitely returning. Captain Marvel is a no-brainer since she is set to be the new MCU lead. The fate of the rest is up in the air.

Avengers: Endgame on April 26 to find out.

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