Wonder Woman’s Etta Candy Is More Than Comic Relief

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Aside from seeing Gal Gadot's Diana Prince star in her very own Wonder Woman solo, DC fans will also get to see Wonder Woman's comic side-characters come to life on the big screen like Chris Pine's Steve Trevor and Lucy Davis's lovely little Etta Candy.

Though we've been led to believe by the trailers that Etta will serve as comic relief in the film, Wonder Woman producer Charles Roven promises fans that Etta will be much more valuable than that.

In an interview with Comicbook during a visit on set, Roven reveals that Etta will display a different kind of strength in the movie.


"I think Etta Candy, too, great character from the lore, there's been lots of different incarnations of her as well. But she does serve a really important role in this movie, being the woman in man's world, who Dianna meets and interacts with, and is also a very strong capable woman in a different way than Diana is."

"She's finally recognized. There's a funny moment where she tries to explain to Diana what she does. She's like, 'Well, I'm a secretary.' Diana's like, 'What's that?' And she's like, 'Basically, I do pretty much absolutely everything for Steve, night and day. I handle everything. I just take care of absolutely everything.' She's like, 'And I get very little reward.' And Diana's like, 'Well, where we're from that's called slavery.' She really is, and he acknowledges, she's his right hand and while she doesn't journey to war with them, she doesn't go to the front line, she's working the back channels to make it happen.

"She's like the nuts and bolts behind everything," he adds.

In a time where women were given lesser value, it's good to see Pam representing a strength different from the physical capabilities of Wonder Woman. It'll definitely be exciting to see her in the film.

Wonder Woman premieres on June 2.

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