15 Jun 2017 11:58 AM +00:00 UTC

Wonder Woman Wasn’t Shaped By The Criticism Against The DCEU

Wonder Woman may have been turning the tide for the burgeoning DC Extended Universe, however it seems like the film's optimistic tone wasn't supposed to be a response to the criticism Warner Bros. was receiving over the divisiveness of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

While many fans believe that Wonder Woman was Warner Bros trying to steer the DCEU in a better direction, director Patty Jenkins denies that her film was an attempt to even out the dark and heavy tones of Zack Snyder's installments in the budding comicbook film universe.

Speaking in an interview with the Business Insider, Jenkins tells fans that the criticism the studio received because of Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman had absolutely no effect on the movie production whatsoever.


"It could have, and it certainly does in the industry. In our case we were incredibly fortunate, DC didn't ever give me a mandate of tone. And I pitched to Warner Bros. and DC ten years ago, ‘I want to make the origin movie, a la the first Superman with Christopher Reeve. I want to go back and try to do a grand piece of cinema for her.' So I had been very strong about being excited about that idea, and they really supported it from the start. So we were already just different. It's hard to apply anything about one movie to another. So luckily, no. We just carried on. We were like, far away in England making this movie… we just trudged on.

"I said I wanted to make the origin story, and I wanted to make it a great love story, and have humor, and all of those things as well. As far as the logistics of what period that story takes place, or who the villain is… it's changed plenty. But that's not the point. To me, the spirit of it has remained. And also, it feels to me like the right spirit to do Wonder Woman in anyway. Of course there could be other great versions, but she's such a clean, grand superhero that I really liked the idea of her eliciting that kind of treatment in a big, classic movie."

It's a pretty smart decision too. If Warner Bros. had tried to shape Wonder Woman as the exact opposite of Batman v Superman as a response to its criticism, then the film wouldn't have worked out right because the production would have been too focused righting the DCEU's wrongs instead of just delivering a good movie. Giving Jenkins the creative freedom to do what she wanted with the film proved to be the right choice for the studio.

Wonder Woman is currently screening in cinemas.

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