Wonder Woman Star Hopes to Get An Invite to James Gunn's Prequel Series

Among the projects that DC Studios co-heads James Gunn and Peter Safran announced last month was a Wonder Woman prequel series called Paradise Lost that is slated to tell the story of the heroine's homeland before she was born. With Gunn's desire to fully revamp the DCU, he and his colleagues tend to replace the old actors with new ones to portray their DC heroes, including Henry Cavill as Superman.

Robin Wright, who starred as Antiope in the first Wonder Woman movie, was recently asked about the upcoming prequel series, and she revealed that she hasn't gotten a call to appear in the project, maybe for one unfriendly reason. “I loved playing an Amazon," Wright told Yahoo! Entertainment. “I kinda feel like I was the leader of an Amazon tribe in my past life. I haven't received that call [about Paradise Lost] yet. Maybe I'm too old!”

Wright’s statement is possibly related to another upcoming DCU offering, Superman: Legacy. Gunn previously stated that his new Man of Steel film will focus on the younger Clark Kent. Given that the Wonder Woman installment is a prequel and is likely to shed light on old events that might introduce young or new characters, may it be for a main role or a side one.

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Amidst the DCU shakeup, Gal Gadot’s future as Wonder Woman is also at stake. That’s why fans haven’t stopped querying if the actress has the chance to don the costume in other upcoming projects. A recent Twitter user asked Gunn if Wonder Woman was still in his plans for the franchise and if she would be dormant for a long time. Gunn subtly replied to the question, which gave fans a glimmer of hope.

Paradise Lost is expected to serve as the introduction to the Wonder Woman corner of the new DC Universe, rather than starting with a Wonder Woman film. The prequel is also the ideal beginning for expanding Themyscira from the comics. Gunn also mentioned in his announcement that the upcoming series will have a touch of Game of Thrones, which hints at complex characters and intense storytelling.

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