17 Jul 2017 1:47 PM +00:00 UTC

Wonder Woman Sequel Release Date Could Be Announced At Comic-Con

The end of July promises a lot of big reveals. Besides D23, we should expect a lot from Marvel and DC in the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con 2017. DC is going to be one of the most anticipated panels, and rumor has it that we could get some news on the Wonder Woman sequel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, if things go according to plan for Warner Bros, they'll be announcing the release date of the Wonder Woman sequel at SDCC 2017.

Wonder Woman was undoubtedly a huge success for DC, and it has opened a lot of doors for women in the film industry. The success of the movie is also what made DC confident with the release of their solo Batgirl film which is being directed by Joss Whedon.


So far, we know very little about the sequel. We just know that director Patty Jenkins will be back on board, and that the movie will take place at some point in the 80s, during the end of the Cold War.

By the beginning of Batman v Superman, Diana has basically been jaded with being a superhero, and is living an incognito life. Some part of me thinks that this movie will end in tragedy, and will force Diana to go into hiding. Then again, it's weird having to flash back again when Diana's story moves forward with Justice League.

No official release date has been announced for Wonder Woman 2, but expect it at SDCC 2017. Justice League comes out Nov. 17.

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