Wonder Woman 3 Will Be Patty Jenkins' Last Wonder Woman Movie

Wonder Woman 1984 is the most anticipated DC movie in recent memory, probably next to the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Patty Jenkins did a pretty good job directing the first film so we want to see what she can do with the sequel, especially since early impressions have been pretty good thus far. Interestingly enough, Jenkins recently said that she might only be around for Wonder Woman 3 and then stop after that.

During an interview covered by DC Movie News, the director revealed that she is interested in making this a trilogy and has a lot of excitement for showing off Wonder Woman at her full power during 1984. After that, the director revealed that a third film featuring the character will likely be her last, which is why Jenkins feels she needs to do everything she wants with the character for that finale.

Considering how Wonder Woman 1984 will already have Cheetah, the return of Steve Trevor, and Maxwell Lord, one has to wonder what else she can do for a third movie. 1984 is already going to have a lot of the characters that have made her mythology and stories iconic so it will be interesting to see what she has planned for a final installment.

Most of us are hoping to see 1984 before even talking about a third film, especially since it has been delayed multiple times. Warner Bros. and DC were hoping to get a summer 2020 release but then the current pandemic happened, which is nobody's fault.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be coming out this October, assuming that nothing bad happens.

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