Wonder Woman 1984 Actress Gal Gadot Starring in New Spy Thriller Scripted by The Old Guard's Greg Rucka

Wonder Woman 1984 has been ready to show in theaters for the longest time, finishing filming not too long ago. The movie was originally delayed so that it would come out in summer 2020 but then COVID-19 happened, proving that this is the absolute worst timeline we're in right now. Anyway, Gal Gadot does have some free time and it looks like she's about to team up with The Old Guard writer Greg Rucka for a new spy thriller.

Funnily enough, Rucka has written for Wonder Woman in the past, along with a number of DC and Marvel comics so this is a pairing made in heaven. Of course, Rucka has been known for his independent work as well, with both The Old Guard and Stumptown getting adapted as a Netflix movie and ABC television series respectively.

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Credit: DC/Warner Bros.

Discussing Film confirms that Rucka is attached to this project and it will only be his second film script, the first being Netflix's The Old Guard. It is interesting to note that this movie does not appear to be based on any of his independent comics like Lazarus so we're interested in seeing what the comic book and now movie script writer can do with an original premise.

He's already been doing that in the comic book world so we're sure the guy can do the same for movies.

If you haven't seen it yet, The Old Guard is now showing on Netflix. Wonder Woman 1984 will be coming out this October, hopefully, the movie does actually show and things just become a lot better in general.

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