17 Jun 2019 2:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Wonder Woman 1984 Will Reportedly Retcon the Character's Batman v Superman Arc

Wonder Woman was considered by many to be the best DCEU movie until Aquaman and Shazam came along so you can imagine the excitement fans have for Wonder Woman 1984. Fans hoping for more details about next year's DC blockbuster will be disappointed since we won't be seeing Warner Bros during San Diego Comic-Con but a new report claims to have some interesting new information about the sequel's story.

Thanks to That Hashtag Show, we now know that the film will have Diana acting as a spy during the Cold War. Apparently, she will be trying to find a notorious Russian spy without getting caught, which is weird since the character will reportedly be a well-known superhero. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice claimed that the character had been keeping a low profile since the first film but that appears to be getting retconned.

So why have her act as a spy if she's so well-known? Eh, we'll have to wait and see, assuming that this is true of course. Keep in mind that this is just a report from a website with "sources" so fans should take this with a grain of salt, though it is always fun to speculate.


Other interesting facts include Justice League International villain Maxwell Lord making an appearance and will supposedly be responsible for both Cheetah and Steve Trevor coming back. Hoo boy, that's going to be interesting.

Wonder Woman 1984 comes out on June 5, 2020.

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