Wonder Woman 1984 Star Kristen Wiig Teases Cheetah’s 'Different Evolutions'

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A newcomer to superhero franchises, Kristen Wiig is set to debut as Diana Prince's friend-turned-nemesis in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 movie. DC is careful not to spoil Barbara Minerva's transformation into the powerful metahuman, Cheetah, with the actress herself teasing various evolutions to expect for her character.

"No, we weren't allowed to take any pictures," Wiig told InStyle when asked about the possibility of getting selfies on set. "This was lockdown."

"They have it somewhere, and you will see it," the actress adds. "But there are different evolutions to my character. I will leave you with that."

Aside from her transformation, Wiig also talked about getting in shape for her role. The shoot lasted for eight months in London, but Wiig had to train "for a few months at home first." While she was excited to get in shape, she admits that it was "really f*cking hard, and there were no days off."

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Credit: WB

Of course, it comes to no surprise that Wiig wasn't allowed to take photos as Cheetah, considering the studio's secrecy for such a big reveal. For now, most details about Barbara are kept under wraps, but she is expected to team up with Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord to take down Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set for release on October 2.

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