Wonder Woman 1984 Junior Novelization Spoils How Steve Trevor Returns

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Steve Trevor's return from the dead in Wonder Woman 1984 is probably the most perplexing thing about the movie. Not only did the character had an untimely death in the first film, but also because Wonder Woman took place in 1918. So if Steve managed to survive that plane crash, he could either be very old or most likely dead by 1984. Following the release of photos and the trailer, fans are left wondering how Steve is back, but the movie's junior novelization might have answered some questions.


The Wonder Woman 1984 junior novelization is already available for purchase and seemingly appears to end just right before the possible third act of the film. Bleeding Cool shared some spoilers from the novel, giving some insight on Maxwell Lord and Cheetah's plans, but it also revealed the movie's McGuffinmcguffin.

The outlet says the Dreamstone will be used to bring back Steve. This stone was used by Doctor Destiny and first appeared in 1963's Justice League of America #19. In the film, the Dreamstone is a harmless-looking citrine ring brought to the Smithsonian where Diana and Barbara Minerva work "as part of a seized collection of artifacts that were being smuggled into the United States."

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The movie's version of the stone seems to have the ability to grant one wish and is said to be endued with the power of the gods like her lasso. The pair realize that "wherever the Dreamstone goes, destruction follows" which reveals that the God of Lies made the stone. And, you guessed it, Diana made the wish to bring back Steve, which connects his fate to the Dreamstone.

So while the two are seemingly happy to be with each other because Steve returned from the dead, there's a catch.

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Wonder Woman 1984 premieres October 2nd.

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