Wonder Woman 1984 Image Seemingly Teases New Power For Diana

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Gal Gadot's Diana Prince might have immense power as a demigod, but it looks like Wonder Woman 1984 might be giving everyone's favorite DC heroine a new ability.

Images taken from a planned Wonder Woman 1984 wall calendar have just recently leaked online, and one image (via Comic Book ) features Gadot positioned horizontally as if she were flying toward the camera as Superman (Henry Cavill) would.

While we can't be certain whether or not the image was edited for the calendar, Cinema Blend speculates that the image could mean a new power for Wonder Woman. If the images were really taken from the movie, then it would mean that fans would see Diana flying (or at least gliding) at some point in the Wonder Woman sequel.

While DC fans might not seem a bit too impressed by flight, Diana's never really been shown flying in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and in Wonder Woman. Sure, the demigod might have had some pretty crazy jumps, but she's never really flown through the sky.

Perhaps Diana learns to fly in the 80s? Wonder Woman's comic book history has been rather complicated with her origin story and power set changing from time to time. While some comics give Diana super jumps, others give her the ability to glide on air currents, and others give her the ability to fly just like Super Man. It isn't entirely impossible for Wonder Woman 1984 to give Diana the power of flight.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to premiere on August 14, 2020.

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