Wolverine's New Heat Claws Were Inspired From Marvel vs Capcom

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The Return of Wolverine series coming out in September has a lot of fans interested, especially since he will have a new power; heated claws. Fans have wondered how and why Logan would get this power but they will have to wait for the series to come out so they can know what's up. However, series writer Charles Soule did reveal some interesting tidbits, like what inspired the new power.

During SDCC 2018 (via Newsarama) Soule revealed that the Marvel vs Capcom games were a big reason why Wolverine has these new powers. He didn't mention how the games inspired the powers but it might have to do with how much range they gave Logan's claws.


When he would start slashing, fans would see large claw marks that gave his Berserker Barrage more range than it normally would. He also had an odd move that had him make an X with his body, with slashes in the shape he formed hurting his opponent. It made no sense but did make him an asset to players.

Interestingly enough, Soule said that Logan would not be able to control the heat claws. We all know that the X-Man gets hurt when he brings out his claws, so the heat must add to that, which should make it more intriguing.

Are you excited for The Return of Wolverine?

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