Winter Soldier’s Shield Makes Its Debut

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After Captain America: Civil War ended, everyone had a single collective question: what happens to the Avengers?

More importantly, since that scene where Captain America let his shield fall, we started to see the gravity when news trickled in that Steve Rogers may not take up the shield.

A new image from Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan suggests that someone else may be ready to take on the responsibility of being the resident voice of reason and goodness—and his name may be Bucky.

Over at Instagram, Stan had teased the image, seen below. It features him bearing the proverbial round shield. Only this time, instead of the red and blue colors splashed in circles to house the star, the shield only bears a lone red star, the same look that matches his left arm.


What's more, the shield isn't such pristine condition, as there are tarnishes of what could be remnants of a harsh fight, especially one to tarnish Vibranium like that. Again, this is far from a confirmation of what will happen in Avengers: Infinity War or Black Panther, which are films we're expecting to see Bucky next.

It's also hard to speculate since the last time we saw Bucky, he was being frozen in the Wakanda base until they find a way to get Hydra's commands out of his head.


In the meantime, I'm fixated on one thing: is that Captain America's original shield remastered? Vibranium is supposedly short in supply, and back in Howard Stark's time, the only one they had was made into Captain America's shield?

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