NCIS Star Wilmer Valderrama Casts as the New Zorro in Disney's Reimagined Series

There's no doubt that Zorro is one of the most iconic characters of all time as he has appeared in various mediums such as comic books, theatrical films, TV shows, radio dramas, video games, and many more. The character has undergone various iterations and yet his suave still hasn't changed. Now, it looks like the swashbuckling hero is about to make his return again soon on television.

Variety has reported that NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama is set to star and executive produce in a new Zorro series that is currently in development at Disney Branded Television. He, of course, will play Don Diego de la Vega and his swashbuckling alter ego Zorro in the days of Spanish California.

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The series will be a reimagining of the 1950s Disney-produced Zorro series that aired from the late 50s to the early 60s. According to Disney Branded Television president Ayo Davis in a statement, they are reimaging it as "a compelling period piece, set in Pueblo de Los Angeles, but told in a very modern telenovela style — with richly drawn contemporary characters and relationships set against the action, drama, suspense, and humor of the original, iconic Zorro."

However, there is no director, writer, or network attached yet to the project. It is also unknown if Valderrama will be doing both NCIS and Zorro if the latter ends up moving forward.

We are now living in a time where Hollywood is doing a lot of reboots and remakes so it is not surprising that Zorro will have a reimagining. It's also been 16 years since The Legend of Zorro starring Antonio Banderas was released so it is inevitable that there will be a new iteration of the swashbuckling hero. A TV show is a great medium for Zorro's next foray since they'll get an opportunity to do a lot of stories and adventures.

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While there is no network or streamer attached, since it is being developed by Disney Branded Television, it won't be surprising if Disney+ will end up airing it.

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