17 Jun 2021 12:54 PM +00:00 UTC

Will Thor be In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3?

We first saw Thor and The Guardians of The Galaxy meet towards the beginning of Avengers Infinity War. After Thanos and his children invaded the ship of Asgard, Thor was left for dead only to then be found on the windshield of Star Lord's ship while the guardians answer a distress beacon. The chemistry between Thor and The Guardians is hilarious and sensational, and if there's one thing Marvel could take away from this interaction, it's that fans wanted more of it!

Throughout the last two Avengers films, we see Thor and Quill go through awkward exchanges involving a battle of the alphas, we see both Gamora and Drax enamored by the beauty of the Norse god, and we also see Rocket (who is regularly referred to by Thor as "The Rabbit") take both him and Groot to Nidavellir in order to help him wield Stormbreaker, which is formed by one of Groot's arm.

After winning the battle against Thanos, we then find Thor departing New Asgard with the guardians while still sporting his Big Lebowski look and calling them "The Asgardians of The Galaxy". After an awkward laugh and a power struggle between him and Quill, they go onto their next adventure.


When Will GOTG Be Set?

According to an answer that GOTG director James Gunn gave on Instagram, the next Guardians of the Galaxy film will be set well after Thor 4: Love and Thunder.

Due to the fact, the crew has only just begun filming, the general concepts of plots and villains are extremely under wraps and so no big spoilers have been released just yet. It is most likely that we won't see a trailer for the film until comic-con 2022, therefore there has been no official confirmation of Thor appearing in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3.

However, this doesn't mean they won't be seen together again. In fact, you may see them together a lot quicker than you first thought.

Guardians of The Galaxy Will Be in Thor 4

According to an interview on comicbook.com, Vin Diesel confirmed that some of the Guardians will actually appear in Thor 4: Love and Thunder.

"I am waiting and excited for my friend James Gunn to knock this next one out of the park. He took The Suicide Squad so he's about to embark on it. Thor will also, the director talked to me about Thor will incorporate some of the Guardians of the Galaxy. That'll be very interesting, nobody knows, maybe I shouldn't have said anything."

It still isn't confirmed which Guardians will actually be making the appearance. It could be all of them, it could only be one or two. There's also no official report of how big the parts will be, whether The Guardians are going to play main characters or smaller cameo's like Doctor Strange did in Thor 3: Ragnarok.

Deep down, due to the awkward and hilarious chemistry, it would be great to see Quill and Thor together again but it seems way too early to tell.

Either way, it won't be as long a wait to see them joined again. Thor 4 appears in cinemas on May 6th, 2020 but you'll have to be patient because Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.3 isn't due to release until 5th May 2023!