Will There Be Westworld Spinoff, Season 5? Creators Weigh In On The Possibilities

Credit: KinoCheck.com/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KinoCheck.com/YouTube Screenshot

Westworld Season 4 has ended, leading the talks to the potential fifth season. But as Westworld Season 5 may serve as the series' final season, will the show have a spinoff?

HBO is yet to renew Westworld for a fifth season, let alone order a spinoff. The show's producer Lisa Joy revealed there are no talks yet about the show's future, especially now that she and fellow creator Christopher Nolan are busy working on their new Prime Video series The Peripheral.

Lisa Joy Discusses the Possibility of Having Westworld Spinoff

Joy seems surprised when asked about the idea of doing a Westworld spinoff.

"I haven't talked spinoffs. Gosh, I can't even," she told ComicBook in an interview. "That just blew my mind; what you just said there."

The creator admitted that she's currently busy with The Peripheral, dealing with its timeline and trying to wrap her head around it.

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However, it doesn't mean that it will be her sole focus.

"But no, I'm so excited by all the projects that we have in the works right now," she explained.

Anyhow, she can't deny that she, too, is excited about her new show. "I'm excited to be here with [The Peripheral director] Vincenzo [Natali]," she continued.

The Future of Westworld Season 5

Westworld Season 4 ended in August, but Netflix is yet to renew the show after a couple of months. However, Nolan remains hopeful that the show will continue and give the finale it deserves.

"We always planned for a fifth and final season," Nolan said at New York Comic Con. "We are still in conversations with the network. We very much hope to make them."

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Previously, Joy also told Deadline that she and Nolan always had an ending in their minds that they both hoped to reach. "We have not quite reached it yet," she admitted.

HBO used to renew the show while the originals of the sci-fi were still airing. However, it was the time when Warner Bros. and Discovery used to merge, and the subsequent cuts rocked the network.

The hit series Game of Thrones already had talks for its possible spinoffs before it officially concluded in 2019.

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Nolan and Joy now executive produce The Peripheral, based on William Gibson's bestselling novel. It will premiere on Friday, October 21.

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