Will There Be A Season 3 Of Kingdom? Last Season Recap And Release Date Status

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Credit: Netflix

Kingdom is a hit Netflix Original South Korean political period horror series penned by famous scriptwriter Kim Eun-hee, which was also adapted from her web series book The Kingdom of the Gods. While the first season premiered on January 25, 2019, the series met serious popularity, taking over Netflix by storm every single day. The series was set in Korea's Joseon Dynasty, years after the Japanese invasion or Imjin War.

The first season focused on the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang and his followers who stumble across a strange disease that resurrects the dead while figuring out the truth about the death of his father, the King. Kingdom season 2 revolved around Crown Prince Lee Chang's determination to save his people from the plague and from the nasty hands of the Haewon Cho clan.

Kingdom seasons 1 and 2 recap

Over the past two seasons, Crown Prince Lee Chang found out the cause of the plague and strived hard to discover how to defeat it. His journey in saving his kingdom wasn't as easy as saving an apple from falling down a tree.

kingdom season 1 seobi
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Credit: Netflix

Thankfully, he was assisted by Seobi, a physician's assistant from Dongnae who is among the first ones who discovered the disease, and his trusted personal bodyguard, Mu-Yeong, who made everyone burst into tears when his secret (spoiler alert!) was found out by the prince.

By the end of season 2, Seobi discovered that the resurrected dead people, well, the zombies, are not afraid of sunlight per se, but are slowed down by the cold temperature. Throughout season 2, it was learned that the Resurrection Flower wasn't the main cause of turning people into bloodthirsty cannibals but the worms that menace and live inside their bodies. Seobi discovered that the worms die in cold, therefore formulating a cure that an infected body's full immersion in water takes away the worms, immediately stopping zombification.

Will There Be A Season 3 Of Kingdom?

Kingdom season 3 netflix
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Credit: Netflix

A year has already passed since the release of Kingdom season 2 on Netflix and the series' fans continuously hoped for a third season release. But, instead of season 3, the series will be returning with a 60-minute special episode on July 23, 2021.

We all knew that famous South Korean actress Jun Ji-Hyun will lead the special episode, which means that Kingdom: Ashin of the North will explore her mysterious character whom the remaining characters met at the end of season 2.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North Official Trailer

By the end of season 2, Lee Chang and Seobi find the resurrection plant near the Chinese border and were informed that someone from China is selling the plant. Jun Ji-Hyun's character, Ashin, smiles mysteriously as season 2 comes to an end.

For the trailer of Kingdom: Ashin of the North, hopefully, the answer to people's question "Is Ashin the one spreading the virus?" will be uncovered. The trailer hinted at a backstory of Ashin's identity and where she comes from. A young Ashin holds a torch, bravely entering a dark cave, where she discovers strange rock markings and the resurrection plant, itself.

As the official trailer ends, we found out that this special episode will foretell a tale of vengeance. Consequently, a mysterious new character also appears, overlooking the scenery, and we are now left to find out Ashin's huge role in the sinister events that took place in the first two seasons of Kingdom.

kingdom ashin of the north
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Kingdom has been well-received by global Korean drama fans and many had hoped for a third season. But who knows? Maybe season 3 will follow right after Kingdom: Ashin of the North!

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