Will Smith Net Worth: How Wealthy Is The King Richard Star?

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Will Smith is one of the biggest Hollywood stars around, and, for years the actor has become a solid household name, starring in several blockbuster movies. The versatile actor can do comedy, romance, drama, and action.

Recently, Will Smith won a Best Actor Award during the recently-concluded 2022 Oscars for his role as Richard Williams in King Richard. Unbelievably, on the same night of his victory, Smith also got into a big controversy after he made an emotional outburst towards comedian Chris Rock.

As to how his win and his current controversy will affect his career, we will have to see. For now, how much is Will Smith's net worth? Here's what we know.

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Will Smith's Career Highlights

Many of Smith's fans may know him as an actor, but Will Smith is not just that. He is also a rapper and a producer. Of his many undertakings, his career in acting is the one that brought him much fame.

Will Smith's first shot to fame went way back in 1986 when he was the MC of the hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Two years later, the hip-hop duo won their first Grammy.

He then starred in the sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, which made him a household name. Furthermore, the intro song, produced and rapped by Smith himself, of the show became an instant hit.

Since Will Smith's gig on the small screen, he starred in some of the biggest Hollywood films in history. According to reports, Will Smith's 35-year career made him over $350 million.

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How Much Will Smith Got Paid For His Movie?

AS.com revealed that Will Smith got paid millions for taking on movie roles. One of his most iconic roles was playing Captain Steve Hiller in Independence Day.

According to AS.com, Will Smith took home a $5 million check. Other notable Will Smith Movies include:

  • Shark Tale - $15 Million
  • Suicide Squad - $15 Million
  • Aladdin - $20 Million
  • I Am Legend - $25 Million
  • Bright - $27 Million
  • Pursuit Of Happiness - $74 Million
  • Men In Black 3 - $100 Million

How Much Did Will Smith Earn In King Richard?

Will Smith's latest movie, King Richard, saw him bagging over $40 Million for playing the role of Richard Williams. His current win in the Oscars for the role he played in King Richard will only increase his net income. This may lead to a further increase in his net worth in the coming months.

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