Will Pickle Rick Return in Season 5 of Rick and Morty

There is no denying that Rick and Morty is one of the most anticipated shows on TV. Coming to our screens in December 2013, the first episode introduced us to socially anxious teenager Morty Smith and his alcoholic genius scientist Grandpa Rick Sanchez. The two have gone on many adventures within different planets, multiverses, and timelines. But there are some that stand out more than others - Pickle Rick is one of them.

The Pickle Rick Episode - Rick and Morty Season 3

pickle rick in season 3 of rick and morty
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Pickle Rick is one of the few Rick and Morty episodes where the title actually conveys the entirety of what the episode is about - Rick turning himself into a pickle. In an interview with GQ magazine, Rick and Morty writer Dan Harmon gives the background behind Pickle Rick saying:

"I remember kind of immediately leaping on it and saying, ‘Well, because that sounds like such a dumb innocuous thing, why would Rick do that?' And the answer has to be the most complex thing,"

Harmon then goes on to say:

"It was the like RV breaking down in the desert episode of ‘Breaking Bad.' This idea where you take an icon and you say, ‘Well what makes them tick on the inside?' And you do that by depriving them of everything, and then you learn so much more about them."

It's so true that the Pickle Rick episode does that! Starting with nothing but his own pickle juice, we see Rick use his genius to trap and kill an insect, all the way to building an artificial skeleton suit from nothing but Rat corpses and junk that ends up matching the tech of the iron man suit. He does this all before battling and winning against a group of Russian mafia-like bosses. It's in this episode that we really see Rick's intelligence and resourcefulness truly come to life.

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However, the episode also acts as a strong metaphor for Ricks alcoholism and literally being "pickled" Harmon explains:

"That episode is so much about alcoholism and yet it's the only episode of Rick and Morty where alcohol or references to booze are completely gone because I noticed that right at the end and pulled the one reference to him being an alcoholic out, so it's like this pure metaphor."

Hints that Pickle Rick Could Return in Season 5 Rick and Morty

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The Rick and Morty writing team have absolutely brought back fan-favorite characters in the past including the return of Mr. Meeseeks in Season 4 Episode 1 when the characters were used separately by both Rick and Morty to protect and assassinate on their behalf. We've also seen the return of Mr. Poopeybutthole and there are even scenes in the Rick and Morty intro of a dying Noob Noob from the Vindicators. So it doesn't seem impossible that Pickle Rick could return in a cameo performance. In fact, he already has.

In Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 1, while Rick brings Morty on an adventure to salvage death crystals, Rick explains that they can show the user all the ways in which they can die depending on their current actions. Before Morty begins to take all the actions he can to die with Jessica, Rick holds the crystal to his forehead and we see a multitude of ways the great Rick Sanchez passes.

This includes a jacked Squanchy ripping him apart but also a stationery Pickly Rick being eaten by a dog. This could be a hint that we'll see Rick turn himself into a Pickle once more, but it's unlikely we would see an entire storyline based upon that when the writers have so many broader concepts to explore. Farewell, Solenya!

Which character do you want to see a return in Rick and Morty Season 5? New episodes can be streamed each week on Adult Swim, Sunday nights at 11 pm Et/PT.

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