Will Odd Taxi Movie Live Up to the Biggest Sleeper Hit Anime Show of 2021?

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Odd Taxi has been one of the anime shows that stood out most in 2021, a year full of amazing titles arriving throughout the different seasons. It even became the biggest sleeper hit and with such a successful release, a movie for it will be releasing on April 1, 2022. However, will it live up to the standards set by the TV series?


At first, Odd Taxi wasn’t much of a hit when it was first released in Spring 2021. However, with such a sophisticated character drama and an intriguing plot coupled with an excellent way of telling the story completely and perfectly resolved, it got more viewers after it has been released on its physical copy and its goal of having 300 copies pre-sold has been reached and breached as it gained sales by a whopping 2,000%, having 6,048 copies out by the end of September.

It is an impressive feat to have such a success especially in the release of physical copies which has been quite difficult since the anime shows released on streaming platforms in the past years. This got Odd Taxi a status of being a cult-favorite, even securing the spot as one of the best TV series in 2021 as per The New Yorker.

Odd Taxi has built a solid fan base and it is no surprise considering the excellent writing of the show which has been around anthropomorphic animals following Odokawa, a 41-year-old walrus who is an asocial taxi driver. He was left by his parents when he was in elementary, thus, his personality. However, with conversations among other inhabitants who became his passengers, mysteries unfold.

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The story has been so well-written that its finale perfectly closed up the mystery of the missing high school girl. Arguably, the story has been finished and it need not have any future stories. But with a movie upcoming, many are wondering what other stories could be told in the animal world of Odd Taxi.

Well, there is always the possibility of a prequel which could focus on the life of Odokawa before being a taxi driver or it could focus on the orange Lucky Pen which could be an interesting story as well. It could also delve into the cliffhanger of the finale where it left the viewers wondering whether Odokawa survived being the target of the killer.

The movie still hasn’t given light on the details yet but surely, with how amazing Odd Taxi has been, it’s definitely going to be as fun as the television series.

Odd Taxi Movie: In The Woods will be released on April 1, 2022.