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Will Kim Hee Ae, Park Jae Joon And Han So Hee Reunite For The World Of The Married Season 2? Here's Everything We Know So Far

Credit: JTBC

The World Of The Married hit the entertainment industry by storm with its interesting yet thrill-filled storyline. The popular 2020 South Korean television series, which was based on BBC One's drama series Doctor Foster, was named the highest-rated drama in the history of South Korean television. Became of its undeniable success many are wondering if The World Of The Married Season 2 is happening.

So, will the story of Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh continue The World Of The Married Season 2? Should viewers expect another installment? Keep on reading to know more.

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Are Kim Hee Ae, Park Jae Joon And Han So Hee Reuniting For The World Of The Married Season 2?

Unfortunately, JTBC has not yet made an official announcement about the possibility of having The World Of The Married Season 2. Most, if not all, fans are aware that Ji Sun Woo, Lee Tae Oh, and Yeo Da Kyung made their personal choices in the Season 1 finale, which wrapped up the storyline with full closure.

In other words, it is highly likely that Kim Hee Ae, Park Jae Joon and Han So Hee are no longer coming back for The World Of The Married Season 2. Even the main cast members of the original series have already said their goodbyes.

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Kim Hee Ae, previously, thanked the entire cast and crew after The World Of The Married ended. The 54-year-old South Korean actress also expressed her gratitude to all the viewers who supported the show from the beginning until its ending.

Park Hae Joon, for his part, admitted that he would miss his co-stars and the filming set in general. The K-drama actor said he is very happy that The World Of The Married received so much love from fans during its run.

"I think I'll miss the filming set. I was really happy that we were receiving so much interest [from viewers], but that also increased my sense of responsibility and pressure. I will work hard to show you even better things. Director Mo Wan Il, Kim Hee Ae, and everyone in the cast worked really hard, and I hope that all of the viewers stay healthy as well."

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Basing on how things ended in the original series, it highly suggests that the K-drama was originally made to be just a one-season show. Unless there would be a new set of cast and characters, then, having The World Of The Married Season 2 would totally be possible.

As of this writing, JTBC has yet to comment on the speculations about The World Of The Married Season 2. So, avid followers of the show should take these rumors lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

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The World Of The MarriedActress Han So Hee Takes Down Bad Guys In New My Name Teaser Video

Meanwhile, the face of Han So Hee was splattered with blood as she refused to let bad guys off the hook in the first My Name trailer. The imminent new action-packed K-drama series will center on a revenge-driven woman who joined a crime ring and becomes an undercover police officer in order to find the person who killed her father.

The new My Name trailer started off with a voice telling Jiwoo, Han So Hee's character, that her life is now in her own hands. It then cuts to an action-filled scene of the lead character taking down bad guys using a gun and a hand-to-hand fight.

Han So Hee, who became a household name after her exemplary performance in The World Of The Married, also starred in the Netflix dreamy romance drama titled Nevertheless alongside Song Kang. My Name is set to premiere on Oct. 15 on Netflix.

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