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Will Free! The Final Stroke Be On Crunchyroll? Expected Release Date

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Will Free: The Final Stroke Be on Crunchyroll? Expected Release Date
Credit: Kyoto Animation

Free! is a popular sports anime with a cult following. So far, the series is regarded as one of the most successful sports anime due to its massive franchise. So, will Free! The Final Stroke be on Crunchyroll?

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What to Expect From Free! The Final Stroke Movies

Since its debut as an anime series in 2013, Free! has achieved enormous success and a reputation among anime fans.

As of this writing, the series has spawned three TV anime seasons, seven theatrical film releases, and OVAs.

Free! The Final Stroke is the final chapter of the series. It focuses on Haruka's journey to world-class competitive swimming in Sydney.

There, Haruka will face his All Japan Invitational friends and rivals. Notably, he will compete against Albert Volandel, the current world champion.

Haruka must make many sacrifices to realize his dream.

Will Haruka keep his promise to swim with his friends while standing at the top of the world?

Who doesn't want to watch beautiful anime husbandos in their swimming trunks?

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Will Free! The Final Stroke Be On Crunchyroll?

Free: The Final Stroke will be streaming on Crunchyroll as announced. It will be available in the US, Canada, and even the Nordic regions.

Crunchyroll gives the synopsis of Part 1 as follows:

As representatives of Japan, Haruka, Rin, and Ikuya are heading to Sidney to participate in the Swimming World Cup.
They will finally compete with world-class athletes but can they survive these games? This is the climax of the “Free!” series from Kyoto Animation.

Crunchyroll also gives the synopsis of Part 2 as follows:

After his first appearance on the competitive world stage, Haruka was overwhelmed by Albert’s swimming and lost his way.
“What are you swimming for?” His reason to swim and what the water means to him are called into question.
The question has trapped Haruka, and he struggles to find the answer on his own.

Crunchyroll has been streaming all previous seasons of Free! on its platform.

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Free! The Final Stroke Crunchyroll Release Date

Will Free: The Final Stroke Be on Crunchyroll? Expected Release Date Content-2
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Credit: Kyoto Animation

Beginning April 27, Crunchyroll will be streaming Free! The Final Stroke on its platform.

The movie will be available in both sub and dub, so be sure to check them all out.

It is up to you to decide which one will be your poison, but either way, both of them are surely worth watching!

The first of the two films was released in Japan in September 2021, and the second film was released in July 2022. 

Because anime films are typically released on streaming services a year after their Japanese premiere, it was widely assumed that Free! The Final Stroke will follow suit.

Nonetheless, we are thankful that Crunchyroll has picked up the two movies at the same time for its subscribers to binge-watch over April.

Free: The Final Stroke Crunchyroll Release Date
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Credit: Kyoto Animation

What's more, all seasons of Free! are now on Crunchyroll which will surely make fans happy and satisfied.

Be reminded that Crunchyroll no longer streams new shows for free, so everyone needs to purchase a subscription before getting to watch the movie.

Free! The Final Stroke's movies have done well in theaters, having earned over a billion yen!

This means that the interest for the sports anime has never wavered even after the TV adaptation has ended for a while now.

There's no word if this will be the last we hear from the franchise, but we are looking forward to more material in the future, if possible.

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