Will Cheong San Return in All Of Us Are Dead Season 2?

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Netflix surprised viewers after it officially confirmed All of Us Are Dead Season 2.

The K-zombie series, which stars Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Park Solomon, and Cho Yi Hoon, kept viewers at the edge of their seats with the twist and turns in every episode.

Five months after the 12-part episode series aired, the webtoon-based series is set to return with a bang.

All of Us Are Dead Season 2: School is Back as Netflix Announced Return of Hyosan High Survivors

Over Netflix Korea's official Instagram account, the streaming giant confirmed the renewal of All of Us Are Dead.

In addition, it was also among the highlights of the Geeked Week 2022 virtual event, where upcoming and returning tv shows and movies are introduced.

With this, the company confirmed that All of Us Are Dead Season 2 is set to return to Netflix but has yet to announce the target release.

Apart from the premiere, another update that everyone is excited to know is the cast members reprising their roles.

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Will Cheong San Return In All of Us Are Dead Season 2?

Hallyu world and zombie fanatics celebrate as All of Us Are Dead season 2 gets a green light.

As the public awaits the official announcement of the cast lineup for the sequel, some reports claim that Lee Cheong San might become a part of the second installment.

To recall, Lee Cheong San, played by Yoon Chan Young, is one of the main characters in All of Us Are Dead.

The third-year student of Hyosan High School is secretly in love with his childhood friend Nam On Jo's (Park Ji Hoo.)

At the height of the epidemic, when the campus turned into the ground zero of the mysterious virus, Cheong San stepped up and became the leader of the group in order for them to survive.

Unfortunately, he decides to be the sacrificial lamb to defeat the hambie (half-human, half-zombie) bully, Gwi Nam, played by Yoo In Soo.

However, according to a report cited by Wikitree, All of Us Are Dead director Lee Jae Gyoo hints that Cheong San might return in the much-awaited sequel.

"If Cheongsan dies, there will be people who will not accept the situation, and there will be people who like it," he said, adding, "I do have a vague picture that I drew out, imagining what would happen if all the other actors, including Cheong-san, were to appear in Season 2."

On the other hand, the director previously revealed to Korea Herald that the series is somehow different from the webtoon.

Since it is an adaptation, Lee Jae Gyoo mentioned that they tweaked some parts, such as the "new races of zombies -- immune and immortal."

In addition, he also shared that Season 2 will highlight the "survival of zombies."

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