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Will Bakugo Come Back to Life in My Hero Academia?

Will Bakugo Come Back to Life in My Hero Academia
Credit: Bones

The fans and readers of the manga were all in shock after the heart-shattering death of Bakugo in My Hero Academia Chapter 362 which left everyone devastated. Now, the big question is whether Bakugo will come back to life in My Hero Academia and how.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 362. Read at your own risk!

Will Bakugo Come Back to Life in My Hero Academia?

Will Bakugo Come Back to Life in My Hero Academia Content
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Credit: Bones

In My Hero Academia Chapter 362, during the war between the heroes and the villains, Shigaraki landed one of his hardest blows against Bakugo leading to the death of the beloved hero and shocking everyone as he was seen with a hole punched through his chest.

Various factors, even his own quirk, could have contributed to Bakugo's untimely death but it all sprang from the hit of Shigaraki which landed on Bakugo's chest, piercing a hole through, and leaving the beloved hero dead.

To date, no one knows for sure yet if and when Bakugo would come back to life, should he be revived in the manga series and whether the iconic scene would be translated into the screens through the anime series in My Hero Academia Season 6 or the next.

As of the time of writing, there is only one possible way on how Bakugo could come back to life and that would rely on Eri and her Reversal quirk. The powerful hero could return anyone to any point in time, as if reversing the state of the person to when they were still alive or erase anyone's existence.

Eri, through the horn on her head, showed her quirk multiple times like when she, technically, healed Izuku Midoriya through bringing back his limbs to its usual state as if not damaged in the battle versus Overhaul.

Eri even brought back the quirk of Mirio when it was erased. Eri also erased her father's existence.

However, Bakugo's death may deal with more than just reversing the state of his body into life. It may also deal with his spirit passing over which may have a different set of rules but still, who knows? Maybe, it's possible.

For now, Bakugo died a hero's death and his future in the My Hero Academia manga remains unknown.

Do you think Bakugo will come back to life?

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