Why Wonder Woman 1984 is Set in the '80s

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Wonder Woman 1984 continues the tradition of its predecessor by being set in the past while also tackling relevant themes. Director Patty Jenkins felt that setting the first movie in World War I showed how some problems can still affect people today and it seems like she's hoping the same themes can be explored with the ‘80s setting for this sequel. We're a little surprised that she and DC didn't simply say ‘the ‘80s is kind of big now' but that's just how corporations roll.

Speaking with ComicBook.com, publicist Lee Ann Muldoon gave a very good reason for the ‘80s setting, saying that it was the era where everything was in excess. It was when America was at its peak everything; corruption, violence, greed, you name it. Though it's easy to forget these aspects since the media has often focused on the cooler bits, seeing some of that get addressed here is pretty cool.

"Why 1984? America was at the height of its power and its pride. So commercialism, wealth, art, glamour, music, even violence… everything was in excess. So America was at its peak in 1984 it was a decade of greed and desire, a time of need and more. Humanity kind of at its best and at its worst. 1984 was a year of lessons learned. Lessons for goddess warrior Diana, and lessons for all of us."

How Wonder Woman 1984 will tackle themes like these while also dealing with the return of Steve Trevor, Cheetah, and Maxwell Lord is going to pique a lot of our interest. We're hoping that the movie handles all of this with style since other superhero films have tried and failed to do this.

Wonder Woman 1984 comes out on October 2. Hopefully.

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