Why Wolverine 3 Is Going To Be Awesome

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Hugh Jackman gave a status update on Wolverine 3 in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last Friday and it sounds like great things are in the works.

Jackman, who has been playing Wolverine for over a decade, said that he is heavily involved with the scripting for the movie. Right now, he is reviewing and revising the script page by page with director James Mangold, to ensure an excellent quality movie. According to Jackman, they are on around page 60, but still have a long way to go. Jackman said:

"I don't have a start date because we're not going to have start dates until we have that script perfect… It matters too much to me. I care too much about the character, about the audience, and when you say it's going to be your last one, I want to leave everything on the table. Absolutely everything."

Jackman also gave a similar statement to Collider last month, saying:

"I'm saying ‘but' and I'm sounding a little cagey because this is the last time I'm playing him, and I have just made the commitment to myself, really, and told everyone that until that script is perfect, until it is that perfect way to sign out, I'm not gonna start shooting."

Wolverine 3 will be Jackman's final film as the Wolverine, and you can see that he really cares about exiting with an outstanding movie. Earlier this year, he took to Twitter and asked what fans wanted to see in his final Wolverine film. Fans overwhelmingly asked him to don the classic yellow Wolverine suit.

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Pictured Above: The Classic Yellow Wolverine Suit

Few details of the film have been released, but we do know that Patrick Stewart will be in the movie as Professor X. The film will likely explore some of the father/son dynamics between the two iconic characters. Stewart is also reviewing the script and providing his recommendations, so we can be sure the film is up to snuff.

Are you excited about Jackman's final Wolverine movie? What would you like to see? Leave us a comment below.