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Why Toy Story 4 Doesn't Have an Animated Short

Toy Story 4 does away with a long-standing tradition by not having an animated short to start off the movie. This might be due to the fact that it's a longer movie but fans are pretty shocked over not being able to see a new short film since people tend to look forward to that when watching new Pixar movies. Why is this the case? It might be due to the negative impressions that the most recent shorts - Olaf's Frozen Adventure and Bao - have gotten.

For those that don't remember, Olaf's Frozen Adventure was a Christmas special that Disney decided to put on before Pixar's Coco and was hated by almost everyone who saw it. This led to Disney removing the short from theaters after a week or two, claiming that it was a "limited release." It was the worst Frozen-related thing Disney has ever done, which is saying a lot when the Frozen world from Kingdom Hearts 3 exists.

While Bao mostly received positive reviews, it did draw some ire for being hard to understand. Some fans also felt that there were some racist undertones, which made it more troublesome, but that didn't stop the film from winning an Oscar for best animated short. Though the movie is perfectly fine, the controversy it caused wasn't ideal.

It's also worth noting that Disney plans on releasing several animated shorts for Disney+ so this might mean that they will no longer play in theaters. This hasn't been confirmed but it seems very likely since Disney can make even more money through their upcoming streaming service.

Toy Story 4 comes out on June 21.

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