Why Star Wars: The Clone Wars Didn't Properly Cross Over With Revenge of the Sith

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars has aired its finale and pretty much everyone who saw it was pretty satisfied with the results. It gives us a canon reason for Ahsoka and Rex making it to Rebels but also mixing in some tragedy when the two had to kill a number of their comrades in the clones. Basically, it was everything fans could have asked for when it comes to a proper finale, though there are fans who wondered why a more overt connection to Revenge of the Sith wasn't made.

Well, during an interview with Deadline, The Clone Wars creator Dave Filoni gave us a pretty simple answer; he didn't want to make any big plot holes. Whether fans like it or not, George Lucas' prequels will always be canon and there were no plans to erase them from existence. Granted, we're sure a lot of fans would have liked it if these guys adapted the prequels and made them better but that's not the reality we're living in.

All the scenes that you saw and moments that crossover are actually very relevant for Ahsoka and Rex, and at a certain point I needed that story to kind of go in its own direction to make sure I wasn't violating the space that belonged to the Anakin Skywalker saga. So, that remains intact, because I'm over here talking more about the Ahsoka Tano/Rex saga, which is the end of the Clone Wars proper. So that's why I didn't go too far into (Sith). All these other events that were covered, were covered by George, and that's where they're important and from his perspective is important.

No one's going to blame Filoni for keeping things canon as the man constantly finds ways to make things about the Star Wars prequels more interesting. The man isn't done with his nice big galaxy far, far away since he still has work to be done for The Mandalorian. Still, he was right for focusing on Rex and Ahsoka during the finale since they were the series' heart and soul.


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