Dave Filoni Says Star Wars Could Continue Sabine Wren’s Dark Lightsaber Storyline

Ezra Bridger might have been the lead character in Star Wars: Rebels, however, Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren proved to be an easy favorite for fans.

Speaking in an interview to talk with Dave Filoni about the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Deadline asks the Rebels showrunner whether we'll ever get to see more of Sabine and the black-bladed lightsaber in the galaxy far, far away. Though the Star Wars producer is careful not to give away too much information about Lucasfilm's plans for the Star Wars film and television franchise, Filoni seems positive about the studio exploring Sabine's story.

"Oh, I think it's possible. I mean, it's definitely something that I left hanging at the end and part of that reason is just it's always nice in my mind when there's another story. I like things in a series, even when I read or watch them, and there's always a bit of sadness when something does come to an end, so potential is a great thing," the director told the entertainment news outlet.

We would definitely love to see more of Sabine in the franchise. While Ahsoka's been the talk of the town as of late, there have been rumors saying that Sabine might join Anakin's former Padawan in Jon Favreau's hit Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.

There are a lot of ways for Star Wars to continue Sabine's story – after all, Rebels ended on an open note with Sabine and Ahsoka heading to the Unknown Regions to search for Ezra Bridger.

Let's wait and see whether Sabine really is going to get another adventure in the Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is available for streaming on Disney+.

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